October 24, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott

Threads. Of. Gold.

This is how it happens. You cannot sleep. You’re staying at a hotel next to the airport in Indianapolis. You cannot sleep. You think about your life. You watch television. There’s a PBS special on the rock group Journey. Journey … Continue reading

October 22, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott

Hidden. Gifts.

Everyone I know right now is undergoing some kind of change. Moving from one job to another. Selling a house. Buying a house. Grieving over a death. Getting ready to deliver a baby. Change. It’s everywhere. Even the seasons are … Continue reading

October 15, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott

Ways. Of. Praying.

Do you pray? If so, how? Do you say words? Do you think words? Is praying like talking to yourself? Have you considered that doing certain things is praying, like paying attention to the beauty of a tree or contemplating … Continue reading

October 8, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott

Fallen. Things.

There is a fallen tree at the side of the road and it has been there for two years, and perhaps longer than that, but my recollection is two years. I like fallen trees. They remind me that if all … Continue reading