November 21, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott

Small Boy. Big Memory.

I remember it with such vividness. I was in first grade. The school building was old. Wooden floors. High ceilings. The hall echoed with voices and footsteps.┬áThe heavily-stained oak desks were perfectly aligned and bolted to the floor. (No collaborative … Continue reading

November 9, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott

Enough. Said.

If you’ve not had a chance to see the movie Enough Said starring the late James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, then I recommend it to you. It’s a small movie. Quiet. Humorous. Serious. It’s a movie about relationships and how … Continue reading

November 5, 2013
by Dr. R. Scott


Consider a simple shift in perspective this week. Rather than chasing the Holy Grail of personal happiness, focus on being happy for someone else. Let the good news of another become your good news. No comparisons. No jealousy. No judgment. … Continue reading