March 25, 2014
by Dr. R. Scott

Le Week-End

If you’re wanting to see a wonderfully romantic, sweet and lovely movie about an older couple in Paris — don’t go to this movie. However, I’m glad I saw it, because it opened up several insights . . . Older … Continue reading

March 10, 2014
by Dr. R. Scott

No. Throw. Away. Days.

Thank God for little lessons that turn into big lessons because learning lessons is what life is all about! At least that’s how I’m feeling today, because I thought yesterday, Sunday, was going to be a throw away day. Everyone … Continue reading

March 1, 2014
by Dr. R. Scott

You. Decide.

Is religion stupid? Or . . . Is there stupid religion? I’ve had it. Really. Had it. I’ve had it with half-baked intellectuals trying to make the case that all religion is stupid. I once got food poisoning in the … Continue reading