January 29, 2016
by Dr. R. Scott

A. Kind. Of. Sermon.

This coming Sunday at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles I’m going to preach one of my favorite kinds of sermons. I’m preaching a sermon about Thomas Merton. I’ve titled it “Merton 101.” Sunday would have been his 101st birthday. … Continue reading

January 28, 2016
by Dr. R. Scott

A. Dream.

I woke early in the morning with this dream . . . I was in my grandmother’s house, but it had been transformed into a high school locker room. There were friends from my high school there and all the … Continue reading

January 11, 2016
by Dr. R. Scott

David. Bowie.

I just learned of the passing of rock musician David Bowie, and I find myself happily thinking about many of his songs. I could begin the list with his song “Heroes” and then move to “Space Oddity” and “Changes” and … Continue reading