I am remembering today. I am remembering and grieving and giving thanks for acts of courage and love and compassion on 9/11. I can easily date my ministry as a clergyperson — before 9/11 and after 9/11. It was that defining. That important. I know you are remembering today too. I offer my 9/11 prayer to you . . .

For families who lost loved ones, my heart still aches for you.

For brave firefighters, my heart still cherishes you. 

For police officers who served beyond the call of duty, my heart still admires you.

For ordinary people who exhibited ordinary compassion, my heart is still inspired by you.

For friends who continue to be traumatized by the events of that day, my heart still remembers you.

For religious communities who responded with understanding, my heart still believes in you.

For everyone who donated time and money to help, my heart still celebrates you.

For every politician who became a leader that day, my heart still longs for more from you.

For all the children who continue to be afraid, my heart still assures you.

And for those who had the audacity to rebuild and memorialize, my heart is still grateful for you.

Take a Breath today on 9/11. Seventeen years ago our nation came together with compassion, tenderness, and level of human caring that I had not seen before or since that day. Oh how we still need it.



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