A Single Thought . . . George Herbert Walker Bush

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It was really not that long ago when George Herbert Walker Bush served as the 41st President of the United States. His credentials as a businessman, diplomat, politician and public servant were impeccable. Like most politicians, he made some policy mistakes, and he would have been the first to own up to them. He never pretended to be perfect, and when he was wrong, he would say he was wrong. I have been contemplating his passing all day. What I keep coming back to again and again was his decency, his decency as a man, as an American and as a human being. Public service was a moral obligation that burned inside his heart. Making the country better was his mission, not for his personal gain, but for the benefit of all citizens. He was loyal. Humble to a fault. A good friend to friends and a good father and grandfather to his family. All day, all day on this Saturday in Los Angeles, the sun shining in a bright blue sky after weeks of fire and rain, all day since early this morning I have had one single thought — Let’s make America decent again.



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  1. Wonder if a “Decency Wave” might be generated? I am yearning for civility, respect, and unifying leadership.

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