And Here We Go . . .



Yes, I am alive. And most days I am well. It’s been so long since I shared a blog post. I’ve been on Sabbatical for the past three months from my work at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. Think of it as a long “Take a Breath.” I return to the pulpit on Sunday, September 11, and I am looking forward to sharing my sermon — “As I Was Saying . . . ” If you are in Los Angeles, I hope you will be in church that day. If not, I hope you will listen online a few days later.

It’s been an important summer for me. Lots of reading. Lots of writing. Lots of thinking. It’s also been an important summer for personal decisions. In ways great and small, I’ve come to appreciate friends, especially those friends who have shown up over the summer with kindness, compassion and love. I will never take friends for granted again.

I also know I’m ready to throw myself back into my work at First Church. This has been a traumatic summer for America. Violence. Death. Racial division Political rhetoric and hatred. Our world, and yes, Los Angeles, needs a church like First Church. Open. Loving. Progressive. I am ready to give myself to it again. Fully. Completely. Joyfully.

I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday morning, September 11. It is going to be a fantastic Sunday! Your presence on Sunday morning will mean everything to me. I try not to ask for too much, but to you see you in church on that Sunday . . . well . . . yes . . . it would mean everything to me.

As we move into the Labor Day weekend, I wish you all a safe time and relaxing time. Good work, work that matters, is so important to our lives. Give thanks for those people who work to make your life better. The checkout person at the grocery store. The taxi driver. The nurse at the hospital. The person who repairs your washer or dryer. The kitchen worker preparing dinner or washing dishes. The list goes on and on. Give thanks and have a great weekend.

And don’t forget to Take a Breath. And know that I love you all.




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