Barbara. Bush.

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I was a fan. A real fan of Barbara Bush. First Lady. Mother. Grandmother. Wife. Friend to many. Matriarch of a family. Philanthropist. Person of faith. I’m Taking a Breath today and thinking of the many reasons why I admired her so much . . . maybe you can Take a Breath in her memory today too . . .

  1. She loved her family and was fiercely loyal to them.
  2. She was a person of principle but not a political ideologue.
  3. She cared about her community and country.
  4. She spoke her mind, always feisty, but without being mean spirited.
  5. She was a person of faith and loved her church.
  6. She treated friends and strangers alike with dignity and respect.
  7. She maintained her personal dignity in the public arena.
  8. She cared about literacy and education for young people.
  9. She had an amazing wit and a mischievous sense of humor.
  10. And finally, she rocked gray hair and wore a strand of pearls like nobody’s business!



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