Bible. As. Haiku.



The Bible as Haiku (1)

The sun begins to shine.

Large dark clouds gather in our hearts.

The sun keeps shining.

The Bible as Haiku (2)

Paradise is lost.

We never stop looking for it.

Paradise finds us.

The Bible as Haiku (3)

We have lost our way.

Something keeps looking for us.

We wake up at home.

The Bible as Haiku (4)

Leaving our Eden.

We find the garden within.

God is not out there.

The Bible as Haiku (5)

Early morning rain.

Each drop is the universe.

So that’s how it works.









  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Scott!

  2. You just made my day! Much gratitude!

    • You know DI… I used to bunk school for matches and scream like hell when India won… SIGH! Things changed drastically after that match fixing and its not the same since. I am not just bothered. Lost all interest. I can totally empathise with your pr!agtonisto! I think with age, all of us lose interest, we are no longer interested in the game like how we were in our teens… match fixing incident, in my case, was just a spark to set off the flame… the fuel was gathering all along!

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