Boston Marathon Explosions

I ended my sermon yesterday by saying that there are two kinds of people in this world. There’s the kind that tear down and destroy, and there’s the kind that bring people together and build up. It takes years to build something up. Only a few seconds to tear something down.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know that it takes a team of support to make it happen. People encourage you and cheer you on. Volunteers hand out water. A good friend helps you take your exhausted body back to a hotel room. A marathon is one of the most inspiring events you can ever attend, and for many runners, it’s one of the most profound spiritual experiences they’ve ever engaged in.

But today. In Boston. Perhaps the most famous marathon in the world. Someone tried to tear it all down.

Two kinds of people. Those who train and run, those who stand on the side and cheer, those who volunteer and help, those who celebrate a great city on Patriot Day, and those who detonate bombs that kill and injure innocent people.

Take a Breath tonight for Boston. And say a prayer. Take a Breath for all those people who spend their days lifting up our fragile human family. Take a Breath, and make sure you’re that kind of person.




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