Dear LeBron . . .

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Dear LeBron:

I am a fan! I am a basketball fan, to be sure, but more specifically, I’m a LeBron James fan.

That’s never been more true than this week after hearing how you started a new school in your hometown of Akron, Ohio. To love enough, to care enough about kids to start your own school is amazing. To give back to your community is inspiring.

And now you have moved to Los Angeles and you’re going to wear the purple and gold of the Los Angeles Lakers! I want to say welcome. I want to say thank you for caring about the good things and the right things in life.

I want you to know that the doors of our church are open to you and your family. We’re a church that welcomes all people. We’re ecumenical. We’re loving and caring and accepting. We’re multi-racial and multi-cultural. We’re gay and straight and transgender and questioning. We think and feel and try to live into the beauty of the Christian faith. We’re young and old, and a little bit of everything in between.

We also try to engage the deeper conversations of faith and society. (How can we not engage the world?) In case you want to have a conversation with us, I’ll turn the pulpit over to you any Sunday. (And I don’t say that very often!) And if you insist, we would even read from the King James version of that Bible that day.

Take a Breath, LeBron, and welcome to Los Angeles!



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  1. I hope very much he sees and accepts your invitation. His generosity and affection for his community trumps all the slurs thrown at him

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