Don’t. Forget. The. Energy.


Don’t forget the energy.

By that I mean, we tend to do a lot of things in life that require us to show up, get something done and produce a result. Or we’re in a relationship where we divide the chores to get things done. We might go to work day after day, and because of our familiarity with the job, we can easily fulfill our responsibilities without much thought. We can even visit our favorite places like mountains or oceans, and because we’ve done it so many times before, we see the landscape but miss the energy.

The energy is the prime reason and rationale for what we’re doing. It’s the heart of the thing. It’s not merely about getting something done; it’s about tapping into the real reason why we should be doing it in the first place. Don’t forget the energy.

Picking up groceries isn’t merely about getting food to throw a meal together that can be eaten in five minutes. The real energy is to pick up groceries, prepare for a few minutes of dining that might actually lead to pleasure and gratitude and conversation. Don’t forget the energy.

Running kids around to lessons and sports and school activities isn’t just about marking another event off the list; the point of activities is to enlarge the human experience inside a child, sometimes with challenge, sometimes with fun, but activities that help them become more deeply human. Don’t forget the energy.

Taking a class at a university isn’t merely a stepping stone to something else. “If I can just get this out of the way!” The point isn’t meeting a requirement or making a good grade; the point is touching the real energy of education, learning something that might make a difference in life. Don’t forget the energy.

Or I think about how churches function. The point of church is not to make sure the committees function effectively; the committees can function effectively and we still miss the energy, the real energy of love, compassion and joy the church is called to preserve and pass along to others. The energy is God. Always God. When you walk into most churches, including the one I’m privileged to serve each day, you are walking into an architectural space that is womblike in it’s appearance. This is not an accident. We walk into a church on a Sunday morning in hopes that a new kind of energy will be born inside our consciousness. Touching this primary energy of God is essential, but it takes daring and openness and a little faith to draw close to it. Don’t forget the energy.

Take a Breath today. Are you going through the motions and missing the energy? Have you become too cynical and are missing the energy? Have you become too predictable and are missing the energy? Have you become too fearful and are missing the energy? Have you become too busy and are missing the energy? Take a Breath and reconnect to the big heartbeat underlying all your living — the real reason why you should be doing something in the first place. Take a Breath, and don’t forget the energy.





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