Dream. New Year’s Eve.




I’m in a large dressing room before a church service. There’s a big conference table in the room. There are a couple of friends in the room from Louisville, Kentucky, talking to me about church business and wanting me to make some sort of administrative decision. I know I can make the decision, but I keep getting interrupted.

My friend Cyndy Twedell stops by with her two kids, Chris and Jackie, and they are now fully grown adults and I give them hugs and am delighted to see them. I give Chris a kiss on top his head. But I’m feeling this pressure to get ready to go into the worship service to speak.

I’m wearing a purple shirt and a purple and silver paisley vest. I’m also wearing a nice scarf tied around my neck and tucked down the front of my shirt. But then I try to put on a traditional tie. I try a yellow one and I can’t make it work. I go through tie after tie after tie, finally getting to the point that I can’t even remember how to tie a knot. I’m really upset.

I look at my watch and I’m now 12 minutes late for the service. My wife, Marti, walks into the room and I try to blame her for making me late for the service. The dressing room floor is littered now with ties.

I finally look in the mirror at my purple shirt and vest and beautiful scarf. It dawns on me while looking in the mirror that the reason I can’t put on a tie is because I’ve switched to wearing a scarf. And then it dawns on me that I cannot wear a new scarf and an old tie at the same time. I have to make a choice. Tie or scarf? Scarf or tie?

That’s my New Year’s Eve dream. I think it means something.

Take a Breath today. 2013 is almost finished. 2014 is about to dawn.

What are you going to wear in the New Year?




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