Easter. Morning.


It is Easter morning, and as the artist He Qi suggests in his marvelous painting, the demons of violence and hatred begin to flee, even as the women who discovered Christ on that first Easter morning begin to awake. Something runs. Something draws near. I suppose that is true this Easter day too. Take a moment. Pause. Consider your life. What needs to be sent away? What needs to come close? The celebration of this day is more than a look at the past; it is always a look within. The tomb of the heart awaits its opening.





  1. Happy Easter from Eric’s Aunt Lucille. It has been useful to me to think in terms of what I want to get rid of (negative thinking about an area of my life) and what I want to bring in(Positive attitude towards change). Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Scott! Evocative piece.
    Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Awkeningj!!!

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