Father’s Day.



Oh, I know today is the day when fathers around the country are treated to lunch and gifts from the kids. A card here. A new tie there. But I want to reverse the direction of the day and simply say . . . that I bless my children and give thanks to God for them.

  • For Matthew and his lovely wife Laurie, and their sweet Caroline (pictured above), I am so thankful. They have enriched my life in countless ways and I am so proud of them.
  • For Drew and his lovely wife Marta, I enjoy them so much and wish I could see them more often. They are both remarkable people and I am in awe of their goodness and creativity.
  • For Katie who makes every room she enters a better place, I am so grateful. Her work for the YMCA of New York City inspires me over and over again, and I love how she makes the world a better place.

Take a Breath today. If you’re a dad . . . consider reversing the day . . . and instead of waiting for you gifts . . . take a moment and bless your children, letting them know what they mean to you, how your life is better because of them, and give thanks inside the quiet of your heart for the many ways they make a difference in your life.




  1. Please bear with me as I jump for joy as I read about the depth of love fathers can have for their children.
    It inspires me to strive to give similar meaningful gifts to those in my life. Thank you, Eric and Dr. Scott.

  2. Dear Dr. Scott,

    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words. What you’ve written is an affirmation of a new direction I’ve taken this year. For my birthday, a new tradition I’ve established is to give a meaningful (not necessarily physical or monetary) gift to each of those who are close to me, particularly my four children.

    I’ve been ruminating on something similar for Father’s Day and your words have given me food for thought. Thank you for helping to ignite the kindle of inspiration. I am looking forward to what the energy of the fire will bear!

    With gratitude!

    And a very happy and reflective Father’s Day to you!

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