For Your Consideration — Transgender



Sexuality and gender identity is partly biological but not completely. When children are born they are “assigned” gender. Yet some grow up and discover that psychologically they are fundamentally something different. And while that might complicate things from time to time, the complication is embedded in the real experience of others. And so people transition. The last thing we need to do is marginalize transgender people. It takes enormous courage for a person to transition. I had hoped that we were well past this kind of demonization of the “other.” But clearly we are not. Transgender people cannot be erased from society. Nor should they be. Part of what it means to love our neighbor, something Jesus urges us to do over and over again, is to find a way to let people be authentically themselves. Besides, why would anyone really care? How is a transgender person going to hurt you or me? And the same could be asked of anyone who might be different — a gay person or a lesbian person or a bisexual person or a questioning person — why can’t we love others enough to let them be who they really are? Take a Breath with me today. What matters most is not one’s sexuality or gender identity; what matters most is the goodness that comes from the human heart. I am grateful to lead a church that tries every Sunday to open its doors as wide as God’s heart. I am grateful for the transgender people and their families who have found a home in our congregation. And forgive me for putting it this way . . . but I swear to God . . . I’ll go through hell and back on their behalf if anyone tries to diminish them.



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