Heart. Center.

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Thank you to Myrna Katz for her new sculpture that was installed in the Shatto Chapel of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles this past week. It is titled Heart Center. I love it. I think it will be a source of solace, reflection and beauty for many years to come. The journey of the heart is everything. There is no finding God without moving more deeply into our hearts. If you have not seen it, stop by and enjoy it. Take a Breath today and enjoy the photograph and my little poem that it inspired.

Heart Center

Tumbling light and Japanese paper

Pour out of an ancient wall,

Out of glass and death and old stories,

Signaling the possibility

That something beautiful

Is still possible in this ravaged world.

Oh how we are tired, somedays, like plastic bags.

Nevertheless, light calls to us

In and out of our many folds and contorted lives.

Wounds become openings.

We see again what we thought had been lost.



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  1. The poem and the sculpture are beautiful. We watched your sermon on Sunday and grieved for you and Marti it was I’m sure it was a long and arduous decision. We wish for both of happiness and peace. All our love Georgann and Don.

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