It’s. Not. About. You.

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An enterprising Chinese man pulls a bicycle cart packed high with bags of recyclable plastic containers in Shanghai July 25, 2002. The man sells each kilogram (2.2 pounds) of plastic for 0.08 yuan ($.01) to a nearby depot. REUTERS/Claro Cortes IV CC/JD - RTR846W

How easy it is to take it all on ourselves. Personalize it. Believe that it is a judgment against us . . . or we believe we’re not enough . . . or we’ve made some kind of egregious mistake . . . or we feel insufficient compared to others . . . let me say it . . . please hear me today . . . it’s not about you.

A friend doesn’t call. And he doesn’t call. And he doesn’t call. It’s not about you.

Someone at work goes off in anger and offers a torrent of criticism. It’s not about you.

A spouse grows sullen, and you wonder what you’ve done. It’s not about you.

A child appears unhappy evening after evening. You try to make him or her happy but you feel like you’re failing. It’s not about you.

A person who is normally friendly isn’t so friendly as you pass in the hallway at work or church or school. It’s not about you.

A retail person treats you coldly, even when you try to be decently friendly. It’s not about you.

A customer goes off, inordinately so, over-the-top upset about this or that. It’s not about you.

Take a Breath today. And for good measure take a few more. Most of us find ourselves in situations from time to time when we think we’re not enough or we’ve done something wrong. Set yourself free — believe it for a few minutes — it’s not about you! (Thank God!)




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  1. Yes, Terri it is sometimes about me and I struggle to be wise enough and adult enough to say yes,
    it is about me and I am so very sorry..

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