Living. With. Heart.



To live with heart means we live with courage. We live in an imperfect world. A frightening world. A world in which floods and earthquakes and shootings happen frequently. Too frequently. We live in a world of madness, where gun violence is decried, but nothing is done about controlling access to guns. I’m not talking about sportsman weapons, but automatic and semi-automatic assault weapons designed for one thing and one thing only — killing.

And so we can either shelter in place — doing nothing, enjoying nothing, reaching out toward nothing — or we can live with heart, knowing that every day is riddled with danger and risk, and yet, and yet, and yet . . . children will still play today, and fall leaves will turn gold and yellow, and poems will be read, and books will be written, and someone will fall in love, and songs will be sung, and art will still inspire and . . . and . . . and . . .

I am mourning this morning the single largest mass shooting in American history. I am praying for those who lost loved ones — over 50 killed. I am thinking of those who were wounded — more than 400 people. I cannot change what happened last night. And so today I plan to do the only thing I know to do — live with heart. Love my neighbor. Treat people more gently. Find beauty in unexpected places. Share the beauty I know and love with others. I’m Taking a Breath today. I know it’s not enough. But it’s the only thing I know to do.




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