Mother. Sister.



When I think of my mother on Mother’s Day, I think of my sister, and always with profound joy and gratitude. My mother was such a good mom when I was growing up. A little boy could not have asked for anything better. But then she went through a difficult time. Significant mental illness. A divorce. Several years of loneliness. My mother eventually moved into my sister’s home, and suddenly she had a new life. She helped my sister and my sister helped her. My mother helped bring up my niece. My mother was happy again, but her happiness would not have happened had it not been for my sister (and infinitely patient brother-in-law.) Like so many around the country today, I’m thinking of my mother. She’s been gone for several years now. She died of pancreatic cancer. Her name was Joyce. But my sister is alive and well, living in Indianapolis, and I am forever grateful that her kindness gave my mother a new lease on life. Take a Breath today. It’s Mother’s Day. If you had or have a good mom, give thanks to God. If you didn’t, then know that a mothering God always holds you close. If you mother is still living, give her a call today. As for me, I’ll give thanks today too, not only for my mother, but for a sister named Nancy, the best sister a brother could ever have.



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