My. Heart. Goes. Out.


My heart goes out. Such an strange expression, isn’t it? My heart goes out. It’s meant to be an expression of love and concern. My heart goes out to you. My heart goes out to them. It means I take the suffering of others and put it inside my heart, the deepest place of my being where I think and feel.

Yet, oddly enough, it can also be an expression of despair. The heart going out means being overwhelmed, overcome with grief, or paralyzed and damaged as a human being. It means something so devastating has happened that you hardly want to go on. I’m trying to take a breath this morning after hearing of that terrible school shooting in Florida. My heart is going out.

Most of all, I’m trying to decide if my heart going out is a expression of compassion or despair. This morning I think it is both. IMG_1292




  1. Thanks for the great advice. I need to be more social and host more parties!

  2. Thanks for the great videos!

  3. Yes, it feels like both to me as well. Whatever it is, I find myself crying almost every day.

    Since this is my first reply to your blog, I’d like to let you know how much I appreciate your insightful thoughts.

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