No. Throw. Away. Days.



Thank God for little lessons that turn into big lessons because learning lessons is what life is all about! At least that’s how I’m feeling today, because I thought yesterday, Sunday, was going to be a throw away day. Everyone I talked to last week told me they were going to be out of town and wouldn’t be in church. And then the time change — springing forward — always hurts church attendance. And then the Los Angeles Marathon cuts our city in half, meaning that if you live north of Hollywood Boulevard — forget ¬†about trying to get to First Church!

I made it to church. We had a ton of children in the service. I saw a couple of families I’ve missed terribly the past few weeks. A family that moved away last year was back visiting in Los Angeles. The choir, directed by the immensely talented Jonathan Talberg, was nothing short of amazing. Christoph Bull, our extraordinary Organist in Residence, rocked the house. Attendance was excellent. Energy was high. We did a new member orientation after church that was splendid. We did an Organ Crawl in the afternoon and it sold out.

May I just say . . . every now and then . . . I . . . you . . . we . . . need to learn the lesson again — THERE ARE NO THROW AWAY DAYS WITH GOD!

It’s Monday. Take a Breath. I’ve taken one today. And I’m here to remind you that this is a day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it, and love in it, and work in it and celebrate in it. NO. THROW. AWAY. DAYS.




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