One. Cool. Morning.


The air is cool this morning. Finally. The sky is blue. More than blue. It’s electric blue. Sunlight is kissing the Hollywood Hills. Everything is 3-D. A hummingbird poses at the end of a twig and perches for an unusually long time. Two labrabuddhas, one black, one white, rest on the patio after an early walk. They are happy and don’t worry about being anywhere else in the world but where they are. Their happiness is so defined. Singular.

What will this day bring? For you? And me? How many people in this world would give anything to have this morning, cool and quiet and alive? To live with awareness is everything. To live with gratitude is the secret. And to live as if this is the only day you will ever have is the beginning and end of wisdom. Take a Breath. This is one cool morning.






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