Tomorrow morning at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, I’m going to explore in my sermon a topic that for me has become a cutting-edge interest — the marriage of opposites.

Through my work with Parker Palmer a few years ago I learned that, “The contradictions in life are not trying to tear us apart but open us up.” Fair enough. But it’s not just the contradictions around us that we face; I’m interested in the opposites that dwell within us.

How do we balance masculine and feminine energies? How do we balance extroversion and introversion? How do we navigate our need for stability and adventure, the known and unknown, faith in God and doubt about God?

If you’ve ever struggled with some of the opposites within you — God knows I have! — then I hope you’ll join me at 11 AM tomorrow morning at First Church! Take a Saturday Breath and join me for what promises to be a very good Sunday morning.



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