Personal. Messages.


How strange it is to live in a thriving city like Los Angeles, demanding, over-wrought with traffic and stress and busyness, and then to be startled by something profoundly personal, like a little message from the Universe / God / Source. I found two in one day this week. Looking for signs and messages is my version of Pokemon Go. I believe every moment is brimming over with soul. Ripe for insight and awareness.

I saw the first sign walking over to a Starbucks near the church. In pink spray paint it says: I love you. Who wrote it? What’s behind it? What if the message just magically appeared? What if the Universe was saying to me or any other passerby: I love you? Or what if someone wrote it as a declaration about life itself — that love is life and life is love? I’m not sure, but I like it. It’s a reminder that the essence of life is measured by how much we love and how much we are loved. It’s that simple.


The second message was at a gas station. Someone used white spray paint and scrawled the message on a trash bin near the gas pump: I Miss You Dad. Who did this? It’s graffiti, I suppose, but it’s more personal than most graffiti. It’s not a social message, but a message of personal longing and feeling. A message that is sad and sweet at the same time. I started thinking of the people I miss. And now that my dad is suffering severe memory loss and living in a nursing home, it especially made me miss my dad. Yes, I miss my dad too.


Oh these messages that come to us in unusual ways. They become a soft knock on the door or a bonk on the head. What do they mean? How do we interpret them? I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I’m trying to pay attention these days and I know I need them. I’m guessing a few of you could use a message too. Take a Breath today and find you messages. If something speaks to you, be ready to listen. If something appears, be ready to see it. Oh, how the universe quivers and overflows with meaning.




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