Saturday. Night.



A touch up on the sermon. Thinking about the week. Pipe bombs sent to harm so many public figures, including two former presidents. Has the world gone mad? And then the Dodgers go 18 innings for a win last night. The longest World Series game in history. Seven hours and twenty minutes. And then this morning. A synagogue is attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I spoke to my friend Rabbi Steve Leder of Wilshire Boulevard Temple. My heart is broken for the Jewish community.¬†Tomorrow morning at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles we will welcome everyone who walks through the doors with love, compassion and respect. We will explore one last sermon about our democracy titled — “Our Better Angels.” We will hear music that will bring tears to your eyes and make you feel human again. And then we’ll have a fall festival after church — fun for all — but especially the kids.¬†Oh dear friends . . . if you are a church person . . . or if you would like to be a church person . . . don’t you need a church tomorrow?



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