Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Happy Birthday.


turkey_menorah_humorous_thanksgivukkah_greeting_card-r06b4466325354bdc9518135c70a836ae_xvuak_8byvr_512What could such a strange mathematically-improbable-but-not-impossible confluence of these three events — Thanksgiving / Hanukkah / Birthday — mean for me today? Thanksgiving Day is a time to be grateful, and I’m now at an age where I can look back and feel gratitude for all those people in the past (and many in the present), who said the right encouraging word to me, who lifted me up at just the right time, and who imparted a little understanding toward me, even when I didn’t know I needed a little understanding from them . . . and so I feel enormous gratitude for these people today.┬áThese remarkable, infinitely patient and kind people, are like the oil that never burned out while courageous Jews faced down oppressive military forces, a victory commemorated each year during Hanukkah by lighting ┬áthe candles of the Menorah. While it’s true that being born into this world is a function of biology, actually living in this world, that is, making a life, is all about the people who stand beside you with love, kindness and understanding. And so on my birthday and Thanksgiving day and the first day of Hanukkah, I remember people. In the words of the Beatles . . . “I loved them all.” Take a Breath today. Perhaps you need to think of a few special people today, too.





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