Thinking Small. (Without Being Small Minded)



Sometimes when doubts overwhelm, or circumstances unnerve, or you’re not sure what to do today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, consider thinking small. Let go of figuring it all out. Think small. Do something small. Try something small. A kind word. A loving gesture. A walk around the block.  A little prayer, like “Lord Help Me.” Five minutes of quiet. Read a Haiku instead of a novel. Think small.

Jesus once said that the way to greatness is to give someone a cup of cold water. That’s small thinking at it’s best.

I know what you’re thinking — we need to find synergy and have a big vision and create large arcs of social transformation. I like social transformation as much as the next person, but this week — for a variety of reasons — I’m thinking small. I’m thinking of what to do in this hour. I’m thinking about how to help this one person in front of me. Right here. Right now. I’m thinking of what I need to do today to live a better life.

Maybe you want to Take a Breath with me this week, too. Consider thinking small.




  1. Sometimes when I don’t feel like writing, I say “just one paragraph” or “just one page,” something like that. That may or may not spur me on to more writing, but at least I did something. Thanks, Scott.

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