Thoughts. And. Prayers. (Malibu)


I know some people diminish the idea of “thoughts and prayers,” suggesting that it’s a lame excuse not to do anything, or worse, that it’s a tacit religious way of not addressing issues of justice. There’s a certain kind of arrogance in this criticism too, as if to say, “only naive and not-so-bright people pray.”

I see it differently.

I’ve been in the “thoughts and prayers” of others, and I can tell you, it makes a profound difference. It nurtures a human connection that is full of heart energy. It’s a feeling of not being alone. That someone is out there pulling for you. Praying for someone is beautiful. It’s humbling.

I’ve been watching the horrific fires in Malibu today. I am thinking of all those people in my “thoughts and prayers.” I’m feeling their suffering. I’m hurting for them. And yes, our church will make a response with donations. We must do that. But tonight I’m holding men and women and children and animals in my “thoughts and prayers.” It’s not lame; it’s real. It’s making a human connection.

Take a Breath¬†with me today. Say a prayer for the people of California. It’s been a rough day. There are rough days ahead. All your “thoughts and prayers” are welcome.



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