Two. Days. Two. Marches.



This coming weekend is a weekend of marches.

On Saturday, March 24, I am inviting friends to meet me at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles at 8.30 AM, and then we’ll head downtown to march, and with out marching we’ll be saying that enough is enough, and that it’s time to put an end to gun violence in our country, and that it’s time to make our schools safe, and it’s time to make easy gun access a thing of the past. I’m going to stand with young people all over the country who are sick and tired of being afraid. I’m going to stand with young people who do not understand why it is still so easy to buy an assault weapon in our country. I am nothing more than an imperfect follower of Jesus Christ, but I know enough about Jesus Christ to know that he is the Prince of Peace, and it is the Prince of Peace who inspires me to march.

And then Sunday morning, March 25, we’ll have another kind of march. A liturgical march. I’ll march down the beautiful center aisle of First Congregational Church with choir members and deacons and children, waving palm branches and remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem centuries ago. I will remember how much courage it took for people to celebrate the presence of Jesus that day and how much courage it took for Jesus to move toward his inevitable death. I will also encourage our congregation to find new courage for our time and day, courage to love and courage to live and courage to celebrate, even though some days it feels as if our world is falling apart all around us. My sermon is titled — “Braving the Wilderness: Courage is Everything!” I hope to see you this Sunday!

Take a Breath today. If you’re in Los Angeles this coming weekend . . . join me and march! March on Saturday if you are so moved. March on Palm Sunday if you are so moved. When it comes down to it, what is faith but mustering a little courage and putting one foot in front of the other.




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