Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Sunday After Christmas . . .


It’s true. There really is a Sunday after Christmas. And yes, I am preaching on the Sunday after Christmas. And double yes, I would love to see you the Sunday after Christmas. I am looking forward to it! December 30, 2018. The service will begin at 11.00 AM. First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. I will preach a sermon titled: “God Bless Us, Every One!” The service will be filled with carols and wonderful music. And the sermon . . . Did I mention I’m preaching? The sermon will invite you to bless the world, to muster the best of your heart-energy and release it to the world at the beginning of a New Year. To bless your own life. To bless the lives of others. To bless God. Life is blessing and blessing is life. Last Sunday was wonderful at First Church. Christmas Eve was amazing. But this Sunday . . . it will be . . . Take a Breath . . . it will be a blessing!



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