You. Decide.


Is religion stupid?

Or . . .

Is there stupid religion?

I’ve had it. Really. Had it. I’ve had it with half-baked intellectuals trying to make the case that all religion is stupid.

I once got food poisoning in the culinary capital of the world — Paris. Yes, food poisoning. I thought I was going to die, and may well have been closer to it than what I care to acknowledge. Bad food. Food poisoning. But that does not mean food is bad. Food is good. Really good.

In America today more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce. It’s a statistical fact. But a bad marriage (or even a lot of bad marriages) does not mean that marriage is bad. Some marriages, in fact, can be good. Very good.

It’s Friday night. I just heard a talk show host say — “All religion is stupid.” I’m ticked. I’m angry. I’m offended. And I disagree.

To say all religion is stupid would be like saying all talk show hosts are stupid. Not all talk show hosts are stupid. Some aren’t the brightest crayon in the box, but not all of them are stupid. So bring it on my friend. I beg to differ with your big fat sweeping conclusion that doubles as a premise.

Not all religious people think gay people are going to hell. Not all religious people take the Bible literally. Not all religious people support crazy, dangerous right wing (or left wing) ideology. Not all religious people think they are the only people “right” in the eyes of God. Not all religious people are trying to rewrite scientific text books. Not all religious people are handling snakes and pretending to perform modern-day miracles. Get real. There are smart, thoughtful, intelligent people who honor faith in their lives, and the faith they honor is nothing like the caricatures presented in the media. Or for that matter, on a talk show.

Take a Breath. I’ll try to take one too. It’s one thing to ultimately decide that “I don’t believe.” Fair enough. Yet, my experience has been this — when someone says to me — “I don’t believe in God!” — I ask them to tell me the kind of God they don’t believe in. And always, always, always, I find myself explaining, “I don’t believe in that kind of God either.”

I have a bad cold. I’m hopped up on medicine. My wife, a very good wife, by the way, but that doesn’t mean all wives are good, won’t let me post this blog until Saturday, nevertheless, I think I’m saying something right and true and important.

You. Decide.





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