This is an invitation for you to join me Friday night October 7 at 7pm for Alimento, a new art exhibit at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, presented by Dan McCleary and Art Division, Joan Agajanian Quinn and myself. It is going to be a spectacular evening.

As human beings we don’t merely eat; we dine. We don’t just gather; we cook. We don’t gorge; we savor. We also share in the joy of food, gathering at a table with friends and family, and sometimes even strangers. I have felt for a longtime that there is a certain spirituality that goes along with food, that enjoying it and sharing it becomes a kind of communion of the human spirit. Even a communion with God.

We have so many outstanding pieces in this exhibit. Let’s fill Shatto Chapel on Friday night, enjoy some food, some friends and some wonderful art! (Meet some of the artists too!) Take a Breath today. Pencil it on your calendar for this coming Friday. Ailimento. First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.





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