Art. Of. Faith.



Oh how we need artists! They help us see the world differently. See ourselves differently. They stop us in our tracks. Remind us that the world is still beautiful. Or meaningful. Or that the world is broken. And while I love literature and books and poetry, sometimes I just want an image. No words. Just the image. The art itself. The possibility that something can be said without directly saying it. Said without words. Insight often enters through the side door of our consciousness. This week my office is a staging area for art, because six stunning photographs have been donated to First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. Photographs by Rick Nahmias and Andy Romanoff. They will be part of the Chapel Art Collection, permanently displayed at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. The art will be hung this week. Both photographers will be in our worship service this coming Sunday and everyone can talk to them afterward as their work is unveiled. Sometimes at church we say words. A lot of words. And sometimes we skip the words, and simply turn to images, images that stay with us long after the sermon is forgotten and the readings have passed. Take a Breath today. And if you can, Take a Breath this Sunday at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.





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