David. Bowie.



I just learned of the passing of rock musician David Bowie, and I find myself happily thinking about many of his songs. I could begin the list with his song “Heroes” and then move to “Space Oddity” and “Changes” and “Rebel, Rebel” and of course “Ziggy Stardust.” Bowie was a creative, talented musician, but he was also daring, too. Daring in the sense that he recreated himself again and again, and also fused different styles and cultures to create a voice that was uniquely his own. I love artists who dare to do something different, especially after they’ve been successful.

I’m thinking about David Bowie for another reason, too. I was in my thirties, visiting New York City and staying at the Essex House on Central Park South. I stepped on the art deco elevator to head to my room, and who was there but none other than David Bowie and his wife the supermodel Iman. I’m riding up the elevator and feel like I need to say, want to say something, but don’t really know what to say. And so when we stopped, the door opened and I said, “I love your music.” He smiled and said, “Thank you, man.” I walked off and he and Iman continued on to what was no doubt a much nicer room.

Take a Breath today. Over the course of a lifetime we all build a soundtrack. David Bowie was part of mine. Maybe he was part of your soundtrack too. And to borrow a quote from him: “May God’s love be with you.”




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