Images. That. Transform.



I recently read a quote by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Richard Rohr, and it goes like this: “Spiritual transformation almost always happens in the presence of an image.” 

This is why art and faith are so wondrously connected. The power of an elongated moment with an image changes consciousness. How we think. How we feel. How we see the world.

Sometimes an image is a painting or photograph. But sometimes it’s a film or story or even a conversation with a friend. Life offers us image after image, and they become touchstones, altars of spiritual transformation, and to pause before them is to open ourselves up to nothing less than the mystery of life.

Take a Breath today. Open your eyes. Let an image speak to you. Pause. Stretch it out like salt water taffy. Let it cast its spell over you and do its magic. To be in the presence of a powerful image is to open your heart to the wonder of life itself.





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