My. Creative. Friends. (And Why I’m So Proud of Them!)

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I’m in Seattle today, having just enjoyed the premier of a new musical last night titled A Proper Place. It is a marvelous new play. I loved the music. The humor. The poignancy. The plot. I hope it’s hugely successful! It’s partly Gilligan’s Island and partly Downton Abby. But I’m here because my friend, Curtis Rhodes, and a great friend of First Church, wrote the music with is writing partner Leslie Becker. Curtis is one of the finest people I’ve ever known in my life, and I count him as a dear friend, but as much as anything I admire his creative capacity.


On Saturday I’ll head over to a book signing at Children Book World in Los Angles to support my friend David Mellon. David is an amazing artist, but for the past few years he put down his brush and picked up a pen, and he has written a wonderful young adult novel titled Silent. It’s a book rich in symbolism, imagery and an intriguing plot that will keep you turning the pages. I’ve known David nearly 30 years now, and he and his wife Judith have become especially important to me in recent days. But like Curtis, I admire his boundless creativity.


I love all my friends, but I especially love those who pursue their creativity genius. Artists deepen the human experience. They make the world better for all of us. They open our hearts and minds a little wider. And so if you know an artist, Take a Breath this week and give them a little support. We are desperate for the gifts they bring us. (And since I’m doing commercials today, join me Sunday morning at 11 for my Lenten Sermon series . . . “The Art of Jesus.”)



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  1. Love the mention of Silent! It was a good book… Deep.

    I have always said that while I love the arts, I do not feel called to create. I am a patron and an audience.

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