December 19, 2017
by Dr. R. Scott

Try. Church.

Try church. Sunday is Christmas Eve. Try church. All around the world congregations will hold services this coming Sunday. There is not a more sacred, beautiful, and meaningful day in the life of a church than Christmas Eve. Try church. If you’re … Continue reading

November 6, 2017
by Dr. R. Scott

Thought. For. Texas.

Prayer is about opening up and listening. We think it’s about talking to God. But it’s not about our talking; prayer is about our listening. In our prayers we listen to the brokenness of our fellow human beings. Have you … Continue reading

November 1, 2017
by Dr. R. Scott
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Taking. A. Risk.

This coming Sunday I’m inviting author, teacher, podcaster, neuroscientist and atheist — Sam Harris — to join me at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles for a Conversation of Faith. I’m nervous about it. Sam is a brilliant guy. I like … Continue reading