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When something aligns, it is true. It is real. It is the deepest truth of our existence. Alignment can be anything. It can mean resonance with work. Or you find yourself energetically creative about a project or idea. Or you feel a connection with another human being. You can’t quite explain it. It’s just right. It’s alignment. Friendship is alignment. You might have a hard time explaining why your friends with this person or that person, but you are, and the reason is simple — something aligns. Someone told me the other day, speaking about First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, that, “I’m not sure why I love this church so much, but I do!” When alignment happens we have to go with it. We should go with it. In a few days we will experience a total solar eclipse. It is rare. Rare and wonderful. The alignment of the moon and sun will be perfectly executed. Some people are traveling to special destinations in order to experience the eclipse in all its darkened glory. Alignment is a rare thing. A wonderful thing. Pay attention to alignment when it happens. Honor it. Alignment with friends or work or God is similar to a peak moment of experience. We feel ourselves at one with the universe. Connected to all that is. Another the word for it is synchronicity — it’s when everything comes together in a remarkably beautiful way. Take a Breath today. When alignment happens, be ready to give thanks for it . . . and for goodness sake . . . go with it!



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  1. True alignment is an amazing thing. You soul feels God at work. Well done, Scott.

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