Human Rights. Religious Beliefs.



How sad it is when Human Rights are diminished in the name of Religious Beliefs. If, for example, we believe that Jesus calls people to love their neighbors as themselves, and if Jesus believed in welcoming the stranger, and if Jesus was about affirming the value of all human beings — men, women and children — and if Jesus believed in reaching out to the poor and called his followers to do the same, and if Jesus believed that, in the end, what makes us whole human beings is not personal achievement but God’s infinite goodness and grace, then why wouldn’t people of faith always (not sometimes) but always be on the leading edge of human rights? Right now in my home state of Indiana, the State Legislature and Governor are on the verge of signing into law, under the guise of “religious freedom,” a law that states (I’m summarizing) that if a person has a business, he or she does not have to transact business with a gay or lesbian person, because it could violate a person’s religious belief. From my perspective, there’s only one thing worse than discrimination, it’s discrimination in the name of God. Take a Breath today. And if you’re so inclined, say a little prayer for the Hoosier state. After all, shouldn’t religion freedom be used to accept and not reject our neighbors?




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