Life. Changes.



I have been going to a little bookstore on the Upper East Side of New York City for over two decades. Crawford Doyle Booksellers. I loved that bookstore. Small. Accessible. Everyone who worked there loved books. It was a literary gem. I was in NYC a few weeks ago for some meetings, wandered up Madison Avenue, and discovered that it is now closed. How can this be? Who pulled the rug out from under my literary feet? Life changes, my dear friends, and sometimes it trips me up just like it does you. I wish I could offer sage advice or religious insight for all the changes we experience. The world is dynamic, to be sure, and so is God. But beyond that, I only know to do one thing — Take a Breath. And then another. And then another. Sometimes we grieve over a loss. Sometimes we shrug our shoulders. Sometimes a change means something new is on the horizon. Maybe something even better. We never quite know. So, whoever you are, whatever you might be going through today, I offer this: Be grateful for the past. Be ready for the future. God / Universe / Source is forever calling us forth.




  1. Thanks for sharing the journey!

  2. Scott,this is good. Sometimes we yearn for the past so much we forget to look forward for what is yet to come! It may or may not be better, but it will be different! This was beautifully said!
    Shirley B

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