People Matter — In Los Angeles and Around the Country

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Today I am thinking of people employed by the federal government, people who are not working, or at least not being paid for their work, while we move into the third week of a government shutdown. The whole situation seems ridiculous to me, especially given that it’s about a border wall between Mexico and the United States. I’m concerned for these workers. They have bills to pay, student loans to pay, medical ┬ábills to pay, and of course putting food on the tables for their families. I am praying for these workers, and I’m also praying that a resolution will happen quickly.

Closer to home, the Los Angeles Unified School District is on the verge of a teacher strike. I hope this strike can be averted. Teacher strikes only hurt the kids, many of whom already face daunting obstacles in their daily lives. I don’t know all the issues, but from a personal place inside my heart I want to say this: I respect teachers. I am grateful for teachers. My life was changed over and over again by dedicated public school teachers. Teachers deserve good compensation. Teachers deserve to be supported. And public education — in every city of our nation — deserves more investment. I’m praying for teachers and administrators today, hoping they find a way to resolve these issues.

Take a Breath today. Pay attention to workers of all kinds. As I’ve quoted many times: “Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” And that includes the labor force of our great nation.



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  1. Scott, you echo my feelings on both subjects. I am concerned for those who work for our government, Most are not personally wealthy people, many live paycheck to paycheck. This all seems so insane.
    When did we change our thought patterns to either/ or thinking? When did the goal become winning, rather than consensus and problem-solving?

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