Sunday Is Thanksgiving!

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Not really. But if you are part of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, Sunday will be Thanksgiving. I’m preaching my sermon titled — “Stories of Thanks (giving) and Thanks (getting).” The music will be wonderful. And then afterward our church family will gather for a Thanksgiving luncheon. If you are in town, I want to see you in church this week!

It’s a reminder that that are many Thanksgiving meals this time of year. I’m meeting a friend for dinner tonight at Little Doms. That’s a kind of Thanksgiving. I’m going out with friends the night before Thanksgiving. We won’t have turkey, but trust me, it will be a night of Thanksgiving! I had coffee with the chair of my board, Julie Hogenboom, this week, and it was Thanksgiving over a latte and a maple glazed scone! I had lunch with my friends David and Linda this week. I left that lunch so uplifted and grateful.

Take a Breath today. Thanksgiving is a week away, but don’t be a turkey and let it be merely one meal. Celebrate many Thanksgivings — celebrating with people you love, people who love you, and people who remind you again and again that life is good. But especially this Sunday — if you’re around Los Angeles — let’s make it a day of Thanksgiving!



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving every day!

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