Thank. You. For. Your. Service.



There are so many ways of serving the country, and more importantly, helping the human family. Teachers. Nurses. Doctors. Social Workers. Sanitation workers. Firefighters. But for the men and women who wear the uniform of military service, their sacrifices deserve special note. They leave behind family and friends to serve our nation. Many risk their lives and face unspeakable horror in service to the country. Supporting veterans is not the same as supporting war. One can disagree with a war, but the men and women who are asked to serve deserve our appreciation. Supporting veterans means helping them when they come home, many of whom are suffering from post traumatic stress, terrible depression, physical ailments, and deep moral injury. Take a Breath and thank a veteran this weekend. Make a contribution to a veteran’s organization. Say a prayer for a veteran. Hire a veteran for a job. It’s not easy for them to leave; it’s even harder for them to come home. To all our veterans I say: We honor you. We thank you for your service.



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