This. Is. America.

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As we get closer to celebrating Independence Day — July 4th — I’m thinking about what it means to be the United States of America. Over the upcoming days I’ll offer a few images and thoughts and ideas about our country . . . but I begin this morning with a simple image.

I was on my walk a few days ago, and someone in my neighborhood had this sign in front of their house. I don’t know the people who live in the house, but I think they’ve discovered the essence of what I believe to be true — or at least should be true — about our country. It’s certainly resonates with my faith.

Take a Breath today. Take a deep breath and affirm again the humanity of all God’s children, the freedom to grow and learn, and the sheer joy in life that comes from welcoming the human family into our hearts.




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  1. The thoughts expressed by this sign make me want to jump for joy.

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