Torches. Or. Candles.

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Two different nights in Charlottesville, Virginia, two groups of people marching, two groups of people carrying lights shining against the night sky, and two groups of people bearing within their souls strong feelings. The difference is this — one group carried burning torches and the other group carried flickering candles. If we cannot tell the difference between torches and candles (and these two groups of people and their intentions), then God help us, because I’m not sure anything, including Taking a Breath, can help us. One group has torn our country apart with their message of white supremacy and hate, and the other group carried candles to remember victims of a protest, using light to bring people together in their grief and hope and love. My faith moves me to always, always, always be a candle person.




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  1. Me too, I hope to always be a candle carrier. We need boundaries on freedom of speech. Just how to go about this I’m not sure. But Nazi lovers are not welcome here, period. The KKK isn’t welcome here either. The Anti-Semantic isn’t welcome either. But how do we go about something like this without going against the constitutional rights of others? Freedom is our name and our creed, but not if others have the freedom to destroy the USA and put in it’s place a dictatorship. What to do????

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