Un. Scheduled. Stop.



I had not planned to stop by the Sanctuary of First Congregational Church this morning. I need to get to my office and write a sermon for Sunday. But the news this morning, the reports coming from Mexico City and Puerto Rico, have pushed me here. (Yes, I’m writing this from an empty church and an empty pew on a Thursday morning.)

It feels like the whole world is digging out today. Digging out from another hurricane. Digging out from earthquakes. Even as I write, there are children still alive under tons and tons of concrete. They are desperately digging to save those children. I am praying today. I am holding these people in my heart this morning. I am feeling their anguish.¬†One person from Mexico City cried out two days ago, “I think God is angry with us.” I don’t need to correct his theology; it’s just heartbreaking.

Will you join me today and say a prayer for everyone in the world who is digging out?

They’re still digging out in Texas and Florida. They’re digging out on islands like Puerto Rico. They’re digging out after two earthquakes in Mexico. Will you pray for those in the world trying to dig out of poverty, trying to dig out of despair and hopelessness? Will you say a prayer for those digging out of an addiction? Will you say a prayer for a world needing to dig out from the terror of nuclear weapons?

I am sitting here and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders today — not because of me — but because the world just seems heavy this week. I am taking in some peace right now. It is so quiet today at the church. Pilgrim School is off today because of Rosh Hashanah — the Jewish New Year. It seems like the whole world needs a Rosh Hashanah right now.

I am breathing in gratitude. I am breathing out love for all the diggers of the world, which is a few of us all the time and all of us some of the time.

I am thankful today for an unscheduled stop.



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