United. Methodist. Church.



I’m not a member of the United Methodist Church and they don’t need me to weigh in on the their debate and recent vote about gay and lesbian persons, but I want to say I am grateful to be part of a church that affirms, welcomes and celebrates all people as God’s children, and that includes all those children living under the rainbow flag of diversity.

I am grateful that I live in a state where people are allowed to marry those whom they love, whether they be gay or straight, because I’m guessing that God is happy when we anyone loves anyone.

I am grateful that the Jesus I know and read about in the Bible lifted people up, especially those who were  marginalized by the narrow prejudices of others.

I am grateful that I have colleagues who are gay and straight and transgender.

I am grateful that my church promises to love the children I baptize, whether they turn out to be gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, heterosexual or questioning, because if we’re going to love them as babies, we better love them as adults.

I am grateful that my faith in Jesus Christ calls me to relate to people, not on the basis of  the color of their skin or the gender of their sexuality or the sexual orientation they engage, but because of what is inside their hearts.

I am grateful that I have board members and deacons who serve our church, and some are straight and some are gay, but all are beautiful human beings, and they make this world a better place.

I am grateful for a Bible that reminds me to love my neighbor as myself, and that especially includes those who might be different from me, and if that’s not enough, we’re suppose to love our enemies too, so that about covers it.

I’m praying for the United Methodist Church today.

Yet I am especially grateful for First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and the openness of our community, and I am grateful for the United Church of Christ with which we are affiliated, and I am grateful for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), my denomination of birth and ordination.

Let’s Take a Breath, dear friends, and let’s love one another.




  1. You are in God’s side! Thanks for witnessing of Gospel that is prockaimed!

  2. Thank you, Scott, for stating it in the positive. As a member of First Congregational UCC, Fort Worth, Texas, we remember with thanksgiving your ministry in this area, and with much spirit affirm the same inclusive principles that guide our common ministry.

  3. Well said Scott.

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