Vin. Scully.

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If you don’t know Los Angeles, then this might not mean much to you, but today is a big day for our city and Dodger fans in particular. Vin Sully, the longtime Dodger baseball announcer, will call his last game tonight. His career lasted a mere 66 years. And in ways great and small his voice brought joy and fun and drama to Dodger fans all over the world. As most of you know, I’m a Cubs fan and still cherish memories of the great Cubs announcer Harry Carey. But when it comes to Vin Scully, let’s face it, he is in a league of his own. Calm. Smart. Articulate. Understated. Poetic. There are so many ways to build community. We need teachers and principals. We need politicians and public servants. There are people who work on the front lines of justice and poverty and environmental issues. We need all of them and more. But sometimes communities are held together by voices of love, kindness and insight. That’s Vin Scully. Take a Breath today. And if you’re a baseball fan, tip your hat to the Dodger legend.



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  1. Amen…and Amen.

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