When Thanksgiving Doesn’t Feel Like Thanksgiving.



It’s over 90 degrees in Los Angeles and it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is supposed to be cold and blustery. Perhaps a snow flurry or too. But not today in California. The air conditioning is running. The calendar says it’s Thanksgiving, but sometimes what we feel is not the same as what the calendar says.

I’m not complaining, mind you, I’m just saying that sometimes Thanksgiving is different. And as far as that goes, the same can be said for birthdays and Christmas celebrations and family reunions. What we think should be . . . doesn’t appear. What we once had . . . will never return. Some of people we once loved . . . are gone. My dad is gone.

Yet it is Thanksgiving. Not the same, perhaps, but Thanksgiving nevertheless. To be in the present moment is to surrender to God. There. I said it. God. Take a Breath today. Whoever you are. Whatever you are doing. Take a Breath. Be still. Be thankful for what is. It’s not that last year was better. There’s no a promise that next year will be any better. The only gift we have is today. Right now. It is Thanksgiving. Give thanks.



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